Cars I have owned since 1962 to present day

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Here are a few photos of the Auburn Barn find...and how the car looked when it was new (artist impression)

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MrBenovich wrote:

@ Alastair Clements (and thanks to Goodwood for the prompt) - the 309 GTi is an vastly underrated car. And hearing you know of an Mi16 engine whereabouts, this surely has all the makings of a fine track car project/editorial special series...

Sorry to be away for so long, but i have to agree the 309GTi was greatly underated. I turned my last one into a little bit of a track machine on a budget(£522 spent inc purchase, top end rebuild, suspension rebuild and stainless exhaust).
It did three track days and the only fault i had was a broken bonnet catch, which is more than could be said for my friends Evo and Impreza which took about 15mins to lunch their engines!

It also did a road trip to LeMans, though i was glad i had left the interior intact for that.

Wish i hadnt sold it, but i had a need for something RWD!

If you have the oportunity, buy now before they all disapear!

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Ok, can't resist. Cars I have owned:

Citroen 2CV

Volvo P1800S

Ford Capri 1.6

(Honda XL250, Yamaha XT250, Yamaha XT500 Supertrapp, Kawasaki Z650)

Reliant Scimitar

Hillman Hunter

Hillman Hunter H120

Peugeot 205 GTI

BMW 2002 Tii

Datsun 120Y

VW Bay Camper

Jaguar XJ6

Renault 14TX

Citroen CX 2000

Vauxhall Calibra 16v

Vauxhaul Calibra turbo

BMW 1.8i Cabriolet

Renault Espace

Vauxhall Calibra 16v

Renault Laguna & Isuzu Trooper lwb

BMW 530D & Mitsubishi Pajero swb







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OK, this is fun.. see if you can pick the theme, clue, ignore the first one!

1964 Ford Anglia, First car at age 16, older than I was

1973 Fiat 125, Bright red with lots of mods

1972 Fiat 125, Rusty, bought for the engine

1970 Fiat 125, Yes, another one... imitation 125T, cheap hack after being overseas

1978 Lancia HPE 2000, Very civilised transport

1988 Fiat Uno 70SL, Tardis, almost a sensible car

1984 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gold Cloverleaf, Lots of electronic toys in a 1980s Alfa... hm....

1989 Fiat Croma CHT, Much better car than reputation might suggest

1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, Daily driver for 7 years, still have it after 18 years, it's a keeper

1999 Fiat Marea Weekend 2.0, Excellent family transport, lovely 5cyl engine

1989 Fiat Uno Turbo, Yee hah, shame about the rust

1998 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS, Beautiful and still going strong, son uses it now

2006 Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTDm, Wife's, but has my name on the paperwork too, so surely counts

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon 2.4 JTDm, Current daily driver, never thought the day would come that I'd own an auto diesel, but beautiful, and 400nm of torque has some appeal

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Cars I have owned since 1962 in UK & Australia  some of which I wish I still owned,1947 Jaguar 1.5 litre Sedan , 1948 Allard J2 ? V8 Ford Side valve 3 Speed two seater , 1956 Sunbeam MK111 Coupe ,1970  Jaguar XJ6 series1 4.2 Auto , 1980 Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 4.2 ( still own ) ,1970 MG Midget , 1968 MGB , 1969 Rover P5B Coupe , 1957 Sunbeam Rapier Mk1 columne change with OD , Datsun 260C Coupe , 1962 Morris Minor Van, Mini Traveler Woody year unknown , 1975 Mini Sedan , 1972 Datsun 1600 ,  1975 Range Rover 2 Door , 1985 Range Rover 4 Door , 1976 Hillman Avenger Estate ,1960 Ford Zephyr ,1952 Standard Vangaurd , 1954 Standard 8 ,Year unknown Volkswagen Type 3 Varient Wagon ,1983 Peugot 504 Family Wagon ,1985 Peugot 505 STi 5 Speed Manual .1969 Valient VE Sedan , 1979 Valient CM Hemi ,1988 Ford Falcon 4.1 EFI 5 speed manual ,1972 Ford Cortina 6 cylinder 4.1 Auto, 2004 Hyundai V6 sonata , 2006 Hyundai Terrecan 2.9 CRDi ( Still Own) , 1974 Holden HQ 5.74 V8 350 , 1999 SAAB 9-3 3 Door Hatch Back , There are memories & stories that go with some of these cars like being clocked at 125 Kmh in the Peugot 505 by a police man on a country road in the middle of nowhere where the overall speed limit was 100 Kmh , when he told me the speed he had clocked me at i said well at least the speedos accurate , he was surprised that I didnt argue with him and wrote out a ticket for 110 Kmh.