Cars I have owned since 1962 to present day

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Cars I have been lucky enough to own:- Triumph Spitfire Mk 1, MG Midget, 2 Fiat X19s 1500cc, Marden Hill Climb Special, VW Nova 2200cc, Single Seater powereed by Kawasaki 1100cc engine, Lotus 7 S2, Lotus 7 S3,, Caterham 7 Big valve, Caterham 7 1600 X-flow,  Marcos Mantis V8, Lotus Excel, Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo, TVR Griffith, Reliant Sabre, Vauxhall VX220 and Honda S2000 (Present Car)

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Great thread! The embarrassing bit is I know I am going to forget (at least) one, but here goes: all the cars I have owned (just mine, not the shared or long-term borrowed ones) since 1986:

Mini 1000

Triumph Dolomite 1500HL

Triumph Herald 1200

VW Polo

Robert Mandry Scamp

Triumph TR7

Triumph 2000/2.5PI

Lotus Elan

Westfield Eleven

Piper P2

Lotus Elise

Lancia Delta Integrale

Jensen Interceptor

Lotus Elite 2.2

Rover P5B Coupé

Mercedes-Benz E240 Elegance




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1974 Chrysler (really a Mitsubishi) Galant (first car about 30 years ago)

1978 Alfetta GTV (flash, whizzy, rusty)

1985 Saab 900i (smooth, unreliable)

1972 Alfa Spider Veloce (lovely, sold to buy house)

1989 Alfa 164 (fast, expensive to maintain)

1975 Alfa Spider Veloce (broke my heart)

1982 Jeep Cherokee V8

The Jeep is an awesome creation, 2.2 tons of steel girder, stonking V8 (with an Edelbrock 4 barrel carb for kicks) and has received a suspension lift sometime in the past so it's about as stable as a V8 powered tea trolley.  The sewage pipe sized exhaust frightens Harley Davidson riders.  It is the Anti-Alfa.




Dinsdale Piranha
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Mini 1000

Mini 1275GT

Fiesta XR2

Capri 1.6 Laser

Escort XR3i

Escort RS Turbo

Renault 19 16v

TVR Chimaera

TVR Cerbera

TVR Tuscan

BMW E30 M3

Vauxhall Omega (x2)

Audi S4

Aston Martin DB7

BMW Alpina B10 V8

Lotus Excel

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Oooh, that's a good one. If I restrict myself to having had a V5 for the car in my name (thereby excluding various long-term test cars and wife's wheels), mine is:

Morris Minor 1000

Morris Minor 1000


VW Polo Mk2 (ex-James Elliott!)

TVR Tasmin 2.8i

Suzuki SC100

Fiat 124 Spider

Mercury Cougar

Suzuki Cervo CX-G (still own)

Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Volvo 1800ES

Ford Focus Zetec

Suzuki SC100

Suzuki SC100 Turbo

MG Magnette ZB

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Alastair Clements
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And Mr Piranha, aren't you forgetting one?

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Just eight I'm afraid, two of which I still have...

1980 Citroën 2CV Club – Mimosa Yellow, bought from a lorry driver in Burnham Beeches when it was three years old

1981 Citroën 2CV Spécial – Castile Red; parted company with its roof while doing 60mph down the A2! (so I fitted the later type, with proper catches)

1988 Citroën Visa GT – silver, with metric wheels so you could only fit TRXs; now ultra-rare in the UK, probably France, too

Citroën AX GT – the only new car that I've owned, which I parked on the Witter towing bracket of a Cortina estate when it was three months old; it was never quite the same after that... Quick and frugal, though

(then about 8 years of company Golfs before I got clobbered on the tax, opted out and bought my own)

1989 Volkswagen Golf GTI 1.8 – Mk2 five-door, in Royal Blue; bought from GTI Specilaists in Wimbledon when one D Richards, formerly of these parts, worked there. Small world etc!

1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI 1.8 – v.late Mk2, in white, swapped with C&SC reader for...

1972 BMW 2002tii – also white (Chamonix), it clicked over (2)25,000 miles while driving to work this morning, bless it!

1981 Citroën GSA Spécial – a twin for a Lagoon Blue one that dad bought new, from Kevin Odlum's in Rode Heath in ’82

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Alastair Clements wrote:

And Mr Piranha, aren't you forgetting one?

Oops! And one of my favourites too.

Can't seem to edit the original post so....

Suzuki SC100


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Heh - the suzukis unfortunately slip the mind.  As do the Volvos.

I had a 1987 Suzuki Swift GTi for a few years in the late eighties/early nineties - sounded like a horde of angry bees in full flight.  Felt like it was made out of tinfoil and chintz but for something with only 1.3 litres it went like stink.  The other mad car I missed on the list was a Volvo 850 T5 estate which was the most bonkers combination I have ever owned - so much horsepower, so little grip and yet you could fix 6 screaming kids in it with the optional boot folding seat.  I used to take great delight in punting it hard into a local round-a-bout so I could get the inside front tyre smoking on exit.   I've grown up a bit since then.

Perhaps people could also throw in a few comments about why they parted company with their cars too - crashes?  Kids? Saw something better?

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Not sure if it is a bad thing or a good thing that I do not have a list as long as the posters in front of me - to date my 'garage list' reads like this :

19995 - 2004 - 1982 Range Rover Classic 3.5 V8 - stopped counting after it fell below 15mpg - told everyone that was what it did, for about 6 years without actually checking :)

2004 - present day - 1999 Range Rover P38 DSE - not been without problems - if I had not  been able to do any repairs to it myself, it would very likely have been sold on long before now :)

2009 - present day - 1984 Land Rover 110 2.5 N/A diesel - bought it to convert it into an offroad camper type thing but that didn't happen so it is now being prepared for going back on the road and sold on :)

A Land Rover man through and through as you can see - planning a foray into the British Sportscar market once the LR goes though - thinking spitfire or if funds can be stretched a stag :)

Cha tig an aois leis fhein - Age does not come alone

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A couple before I was 17 : Ford Pop E93A and a Frisky Family Three.

Since 17 : Hillman Imp, MG Midget Mk2, Sunbeam Alpine Series 3,  Frogeye Sprite, Triumph TR3, GP SWB Beach Buggy (x2), TVR Vixen S4, Triumph Spitfire Mk4, Mini Jem 1275 S, Lotus Elan S2, Lotus Europa Twin Cam, Lotus 7 Series 3, Marcos 3LV6, Westfield 7, Westfield 7SE, Westfield 11, Westfield SE, Mazda MX5 (x2), Lotus Elise S1, Porsche Boxster 2.7, Porsche Boxster S 3.2, Porsche Cayman S 3.4, and currently  (40 years later) a Boxster S 3.4.

Outstanding memories / thanks: Beach Buggy - a girl in a bikini asked if she could have a ride in my car whilst mucking about on Blackrock Sands

                                                            TR3 - first time I saw 100mph on the clock whilst driving.

                                                            Elan S2 - Always seemed to know when I had run out of skill and saved my life.  (Cheers Mr. Chapman).

                                                            The Porsches - For giving others the impression that I have grown up.

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