"Charlie" our first classic (MGB GT)

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Dear Classic enthusiasts,

all came like a thunderstorm: sudden and vehement but we
have just fallen in love with classics in the past few months. That's
what happening when one goes to Goodwood Aerodrome as a long time aviation
enthusiast for a bit of plane watching and comes back as a classic car
enthusiast just because there was a classic car race on the race track
around the airfield.
After months of searching and
valuating we have also bought our first classic, a yellow MGB GT
("Charlie" - the name is the creation of my wife)  and enjoing all
aspects of having a classic: short and joyful rides and all the works
I put a short video together about our first day out with
the GT, hoping to have endless joy in the GT further on.

All my very best for all classic owners,
Peter B

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Nice report and video, was that seaside vista Clacton per chance? anyway all the best with Charlie.

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Thank you very much!
The seaside was Lee-on-the-Solent but it's very hard to guess on British seasides as they are almost all the same :)