Ford Mk2 RS2000 Custom

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After being made redundant in 2009 in decided to start
working for myself. Lucky I already had a workshop that I used to tinker about
in doing my own projects so I was all set. I rebuilt a few engines for people
and done the odd service here and there then In August 2010 I was asked to
restore an Mk2 Escort RS2000 custom, which was described as being one step away
from being broken for spares.


This particular vehicle had been brought as a project to
restore by the pervious owner but unfortunately due to other commitments he
never found the time to give it the attention it needed. So for some fourteen
years this car stood under a lean-to with the passenger side exposed to the
elements before the current owner stumbled across it and decided to bring it back
to its former glory.


I hope you enjoy the pictures 




I took delivery of the RS2000 Custom. It arrived on the back
of a transporters and at first glance didn’t look to bad so it was pushed into
the workshop for a closer inspection.



Initial inspection


Once under the lights of the workshop it was easy to see
which side of the car had seen fourteen winters and fourteen summers. I removed
some of the outer panels to find the shell was in bad shape with the worst of
the rust on the passenger side but lucky the chassis rails were in surprisingly
good condition. After I report my findings I was given the go a head to start work
but I could see that this was going to be a major restoration inside and out.



Strip out


The vehicle arrived at the workshop has a complete car and
with a boot full of spare parts the pervious owner had collected over the years
but had never fitted. The escort was stripped down to a bare shell and a list
of replacement panels and parts was made.



Engine Bay


It was decided that the engine bay was the worst part of the
vehicle so that’s where I started. Due to the availability/lead time of some
panels I would have to replace what I could with new panels and fabricate the
rest. I removed the wings, front panel, slam panel, battery tray, radiator
mounts and front cross member. Apart from the tops and front edges the inner
wings seemed to be in good condition so replacement tops panels were ordered.



The front suspension mounts and chassis rails also looked
serviceable but sadly this could not be said for the bulkhead. The top of the
bulkhead on the passenger side had rusted through and the drivers side had some
poor repair work carried out at some stage this will require and new or second-hand



Once all the old panels where removed a jig was made to
relocate all the new panels and hold everything square.



Front bumper mounting lugs and front edges patterns were
produce using my CAD system. The patterns were transferred to mild steel cut
out, formed and welded into position.



more to follow...

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That looks amazing! Cant wait to see more pictures,im in the paint and bodywork business myself,have been for the last 22 years.Eagerly awaiting updates:)


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Some more pictures...


A second hand A post was supplied. Not in the best condition
but I’ve got a welder and a big hammer.


Now get graft it in to the car


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Lovely fabrication work going on there, any updates?

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As already said....stunning skills and work! Any updates please? :)

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