how many mini owners are there out there.........?

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Russell Campbell wrote:

I have decided I want a Mini. It's easy to lust after big, expensive and powerful cars, but living in London (or close enough for it to matter) there doesn't seem much point. Point to point the Mini's pretty damn quick, has a multitude of spares/upgrades is cheap to run, easy to find a space to park in, full of character and less likely to lose money than most. Sadly, as a perpetual classifieds creeper, I'll have changed my mind within a couple of weeks...


I know its a cliche but you'll get more grins per mile and per pound in a Mini than anything for it....

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I've got one.  Had them since the age of 14 really.  I've got a '71 MK3, which has been cannibalised a lot!

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All things in their being are good for something.

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A mini electric car called reva is my favorite and it is the best in its class.

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