Mont Ventoux - Who's Been (C&SC Team??) - Best Time?

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Red Dwarf
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The title says most of it really!  I know that one or two of the C&SC team have driven to and up Mont Ventoux and maybe others have?

It's on the agenda this year, so I wondered if anyone has recommendations for time of year and, just as important really, time of day.

No adverse comments about cyclists required, as I'm one of those as well, so it'll be a trip to commemorate the mountains’ history in cars and bicycles!  

 So obviously, as it’s a car trip, July is out, as the Tour de France will be there then!



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Chris Martin
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Late spring or September is my favourite time in Provence, everything looks brighter without the summer heat.  Ventoux is French for windy, which is why nothing grows on the mountain above a certain level, and it gets mighty windy when the Mistral blows so best to avoid November-December too for that reason, although it can still blow through to April.  For an interest in old racing there is also Miramas and Nimes in the area, and the current circuit at Ledenon is still in use, though that is more suited to Karts.

Chris M.