VW Golf Mk3 - will it ever become a classic..?

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100,400 miles and still banging along. As reliable as a Bosch dishwasher. Well maintained and no dings. Low costs due to 1401 cc engine... so what is wrong with it?

 It's a Catch 22 car.  Value to me, limitless. Value for part exchange at  dealer, £175 for scrap. Top sale price on eBay -maybe £500. So why not sell it? Investment costs, probably about £3K. Hence loss of £2.5K.

The ony hope is for the trusty Mk3 to become a classic.

My mechanic says "If the world drove Nissan Micras and Mk3 Golfs, I'd be out of business."

I look forward to see them appearing in the clasifieds at C&SC.

James Elliott
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Will it be a classic? Some definitely will: the VR6 and timewarp examples, but, paradocxically, general acceptance of all Mk3s as classics will take a lot longer because they are so good and so many of them are still around as daily drivers, just "old" cars instead of classics.

However far off it may be, the day will come though and until then it is nice that the market thinks so little of them that it is not worth letting one go.

If the value is just £175, what better argument to keep it, enjoy it and, even if prices don't ever go up, enjoy years more cheap motoring in something you cherish?

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You may have to wait a long time. I have just driven to a classic auction in Poole next month a 1984 2.3 V6 Sierra, 90k very nice condition full main dealer service history and one owner from new. guide price £500/800. 

Chris C