What is in your garage now?

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I looked at the thread about classics I have owned since whenever, and I sure could not even remember half of them, but I thought a chat about what is in the garage now might be a goer. Whether it is a supercar or a project we all like a nose around, so here's mine as of last week. There is a pile of Model T parts in another shed and another Mercedes daily driver, but of these two I think we cover both ends of the hobby. The Mercedes 450SLC is a '76 and as clean as they come, so is my sunny Sunday only car, while the '27 T still needs a bit of work!

Chris Martin

GreaseMonkey (not verified)

BTW do I get extra brownie points for mentioning that the bookcase in the garage - see photo at the top of this thread - with Michelin man on top is actually my complete collection of C&SC mags?

Chris M.

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Nigel B
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In the garage- all mid way or part finished resto's:-

65 Transit Pickup, 62 Taunus Transit van, 67 Renault Caravelle, 59, Simca Aronde break, 74 Renault 12 van, 65 Isuzu Bellett.




GreaseMonkey (not verified)

An odd mix for sure Nigel. Like the idea of a Transit pick-up though. You don't say where you are but that sounds more like a French garage?

Chris M.

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Not exactly in the garage in this photo.

beach bum
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Lovely pair of Lotii.


My eclectic collection.

1961 Austin Beach Car Prototype

1962 Lotus 7 S2 109E Cosworth

1973 Alfa RomeoSpider Veloce

1974 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

1979 Mini (mk1 Cooper S lookalike)

future classic 1990 205 GTI 1.9

GreaseMonkey (not verified)

Beach Bum;

I am not sure about the correctness of Lotii as a plural, I got soundly told off once by a Latin scholar for that .

The Lotus 7 and Mini Cooper clone are certainly more fun per kilo than most other cars. The Alfas, ok if you can keep on top of the TLC, and agreed a 205 GTI, especially a 1.9 will be worth holding onto now, but what IS an Austin Beach Car?. Sounds fun, any chance of a photo? 

For what it's worth though, my original post was to ask what ELSE is in your garage, someone had already started the 'What Is Your Classic Car' thread, I was aiming for the other stuff that lurks in the shadows. For example, my entire run of C&SC mags. a load of other old car books that have no space in my study, a collection of badges and mascots that probably should go on ebay annd a few old Dinkys awaiting a repaint. Then there are the obvious spares, mainly classic Mercedes and Ford Model T.

Being in Australia, there are also a varied assortment of spiders, snakes and lizards that come and go too, but I have been advised to make as much noise as possible before reaching under benches or into toolbox drawers and the critters will most likely bugger off rather than stand and fight.

Anyone want to list the more obscure finds in their garage?

Chris M.

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Greetings from Athens, Greece (Kifissia to be exact). At times of economic crisis die hard petrolheads since early childhood, keep investing in classics ;-)

My current collection consists of:

  • Jaguar MK 7, 3.4 Lit., 150 Hp, 4-door sedan, 1953, Ch.# 736464, FIVA Card # 023570/27-01-2004
  • Citroen Traction Avant 11 BL (Leger), 1.9 Lit, 1956 Ch. # 671846, FIVA Card #025268/22-06-1988 (co-owned w. Athanase)
  • Dodge Dakota LE Space Cab, 4×4 pick-up, 3.9 Lit, 180 Hp  1992, VIN # 1B7GG23X-3NS673665
  • Audi A6 Avant, Turbo Quattro, 1.8 Lit, 180 Hp, 2000, VIN # WAUZZZ4BZ1NO39079

Plus daily modern wheels:

  • Peugeot 207 Coupe-Cabrio, Turbo, 1.6 Lit., 150 Hp, 2007, VIN # VF3WB5FXC33860501

Partial view of my Garage/Play-room

 Whoever is interested to read some of my recent car acquisitions, stories, restoration can click on this link:


Enjoy :-)


Byron E. Riginos,

Athens, Greece


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Just this for past 12 years is and always has been my daily driver from new:

beach bum
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The Austin Beach Car is a design exercise by Dick Burzi and Alec Issigonis that lead to the "series" production of 14 cars. Think of it as BMC's answer to the Fiat Jolly.



As for more obscure things in my garage, there is a small matter of 31 small frame vintage Vespa scooters accompanied by a huge sellection of spares, old furniture, a R/C Supermarine Spitfire hanging from the ceiling, old signs with lights, a big poster collection all over the walls, a fully stocked bar....