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CITROEN 15/6 (22HP)


The big traction beloved of cops and robbers alike, but far commoner in post-war form. Offers 80-85mph and superb handling at the price of mechanical complexity, a 46ft turning circle and he-man steering in traffic conditions. Slough version (August '39) very rare indeed, and comes with sliding roof, leather, plated grille, 12-volt electrics and extra instruments, albeit on a French-style facia. Long-wheelbase eight-seater (very, very rare) never imported. Post-war ones are still around, and who wants an extra decade's corrosion.

Technical Specifications

2866cc (S6 OHV) 
Front engine, front-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1939 to 1955  
Number produced:
2,000 pre-war