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2-door 2 + 2 seater coupé/convertible.

Two years after Deauville, a short-wheelbase (by 6.7ins) version of same underpan, using all the same suspension and running gear. Like Deauville, 330bhp (DIN) claimed at first with 150mph top speed. As ever, style by Ghia, this time with a touch of Mercedes-Benz about the proportions. Tiny sales explained by cost here of £24,400 by end of seventies - perhaps 80 per year at peak. GTS coupé and cabriolet launched in 1980, after 'our' period. Later famous as basis for Maserati Kyalami, which had own-make V8 engine.

Technical Specifications

5763cc (V8 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1972 to 1989  
Number produced:
302 to end of 1979