Sports 2-seater, sports 4-seater.

Lightweight Ford-based trials car. Beam front axle, transversely sprung, low back axle ratio, high-geared steering, fiddle brakes; some supercharged. Mk II (1951) has stronger chassis, coil springs instead of quarter-elliptics at rear, and optional doors. Mk III (1952) is additional 2+2 model; Mk IVis one-off Consul-engined car. Shortlived Mk V has coil-spring beam front axle, IoE conversion, 4-speed 'box, oval snout. Revised Mk II in '56 - tripped-out 'C' and better-equipped 'E' with 100E engine. Mk VI has ladder frame, split-beam coil IFS, semi-elliptic rear, 100E engine, all-enveloping body - only six sold in UK.

Technical Specifications
1172cc (S4 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1949 to 1957
Number produced
est 400-500
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