2-seater sports.

Pininfarina styled it and in its last days built it. Shortened 124 floorpan with 124's coil-sprung live back axle and four-wheel discs - but always the belt-drive twin-cam engine and generally a five-speed 'box. Mainly for US market, and progressively up-engined to keep abreast of emissions regs. 1600 from 1970, 1800 from 1974, 2000 from 1979 (injected from 1980); some 2000s have automatic transmission, and some have US-installed turbocharger or else Fiat/Lancia Volumex blower. Some very early and some very late cars UK-converted to RHD.

Technical Specifications
1438cc/1608cc/1756cc/1995cc (S4 DOC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1966 to 1985
Number produced
approx 198,000
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