2-door/4-door 4-seater hatchback saloon.

After a three year new-model famine, this was the first major new shape from Fiat int eh late seventies. Called Ritmo elsewhere (except USA), it supplemented and eventually replaced 128, using much of 128's 'chassis' including transversely mounted overhead cam engines and front-drive. Strange styling was smoothed out for Series 2 in 1982, but great sales success. 105TC and 125TC were twin-cam powered hot-rods, rare in Britain. Diesel version (1980 introduction) not sold here at all.

Technical Specifications
116cc/1301cc/1498cc petrol and 1714cc disel (S4 Tr OC). 1585cc/1995cc (S4 Tr DOC)
Front engine, front-wheel drive
Production dates
1978 to 1982
Number produced
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