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GINETTA G21 1800/1800S

2-door 2+2 seater fastback sports coupé.

Smooth road car built only in small numbers by resourceful Essex (Witham)-based company. First shown as prototype with Ford Cortina engine, but all cars sold had Rootes Rapier or Rapier H120 ('S' version) engines, gearboxes and overdrives. Solid  backbone chassis frame, looking like a cross between Elan and Herald, with glass-fibre body incorporating children's rear seating. Bonnet and wings together, hinged in nose. Top speeds were 112mph or 120mph for 95bhp 'S' model. No kit cars.

Technical Specifications

1725cc (S4 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1971 to 1978  
Number produced:
150 approx of all types