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HORCH TYPE 350/375, 400/405

Tourer, 2-seater cabriolet, 4-seater cabriolet, 4-door Pullman cabriolet, saloon, limousine, landaulette.

Paul Daimler design and last of this company's twin-cam eights. Usually four speeds (though the 400 was a three-speeder), conventional chassis and vacuum servo brakes. Artillery wheels a minus, though radiator's handsome and rather in the La Salle idiom. 350/400 have 121ins wheelbase, 375/405 share one of 136ins. Had a reputation for overheating.

Technical Specifications

3950cc (S8 DOC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1928 to 1931  
Number produced: