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7-passenger sedan, 5-passenger sedan, 7-passenger limousine, 2-passenger coupé, 4-passenger coupé, convertible roadster, dual cowl phaeton, 7-passenger phaeton, 4-passenger roadster, 2-passenger roadster.

An all time great. The V12 engine produces 150bhp, the K chassis has a 145ins wheelbase, there's a variable control vacuum booster for the brakes, freewheel operation by a knob on the gear lever, and the bodies are gorgeous on the '32 model. '33 model has a new frontal appearance, with a mesh grille sloping at an angle, bonnet louvres not shutters, and the mid-year valanced wings lost some of the previous model's elegance; double drop frame is new. In the States they fetch big money, and rightly so; you're talking about 100mph in near silence.

Technical Specifications

7345cc (V12 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1932 to 1933  
Number produced: