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7-passenger sedan, 5-passenger sedan, convertible roadster, convertible sedan, limousine.

New powerplant, somewhere in size between the Kb and KA. '34 car has two wheelbases, 136ins and 145ins (freewheel optional on former, standard on latter), vacuum assisted brakes, oil cooler working off the water pump, thermostatic bonnet shutters, rad surround the colour of bodywork, and close on 100mph. '35 cars have engines mounted further forward, skirted fenders, 17ins wheels, and bullet type headlights. '36 sees elegance reduced more, with more rounded rad shell, pressed steel wheels, and pontoon type fenders. No more freewheel available. New bodies for '37; doors down to running boards, spare wheel in boot and hydraulic lifters on the engine. Till the model's demise in '39, changes purely cosmetic.

Technical Specifications

6735cc (V12 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1934 to 1939  
Number produced: