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2-door 2-seater sports car.

Same layout as earlier Sevens but completely redesigned space frame, with steel side panels, and all-glass-fibre body. Choice of Ford engines, most being 84bhp. 1599cc Cortina GT types. Light, amazingly agile, but somehow less purposeful than superseded Series 3. From the rear, a much more integrated style, and from front all the bonnet hinged up for access. Weather protection and hood-up access stil la joke, and there's nowhere to put your luggage. Some built by Caterham after '73, but new Caterhams are Series 3 based.

Technical Specifications

1298cc/1599cc (S4 OHV)/1558cc (S4 DOC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1970 to 1973  
Number produced:
approx 1000, all kit cars