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2-door Weymann saloon, 4-door Weymann saloon, coachbuilt cabriolet, sportsman's coupé.

The firm's motto was 'Ware the Enemy-Weight': this car was appreciably lighter than the opposition at 181/2cwt (compared with 23cwt for a Standard 15). From 1929, the car was available with a four speed Warner 'twin top' silent third 'box, and the capacity was also increased during that model season. Monobloc engine featured two detachable heads, coil ignition and a Solex carb. Very flexible, it was able to pull away in second (first was so low that it had a trigger guard to prevent inadvertent engagement). Doubtful if any imported after '31, and car suffered from poor brakes.

Technical Specifications

1850cc/1991cc (S6 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1928 to 1933  
Number produced: