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Saloon, roadster, tourer, cabriolet A, cabriolet B, cabriolet C, various customs.

Fairly stodgy if well engineered 'six' usually seen on artillery wheels. 200 has three speed 'box (at least till '32), Dewandre servo brakes, cart springs all round, 110ins wheelbase and centralized chassis lubrication. 260 has stretched engine and a four speed 'box (three speed and 'overtop' overdrive.) All cars have the Mercedes flat radiator and none is particularly inspiring to look at. 260 marketed as 16/50 in this country. The Motor got a 200 up to 47mph, The Autocar maxed one at 55mph. Either way, slow, low geared and has poor brakes.

Technical Specifications

1977cc/2562cc (S6 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1928 to 1933  
Number produced:
13,259 approx