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Saloon, Pullman limousine, landaulette, cabriolet B, cabriolet D.

A Mercedes Benz innovation, this was the first production car using a Diesel engine. Entirely new powerplant, with five bearing crank and pushrod operated overhead valves, but it only produced 45bhp, just enough to push nearly 32cwt of car along at around 60mph; it was very slow to get there too! Standard Mercedes chassis for the time, with transverse leaf spring ifs and swing axle irs, three speed and overdrive 'box (incorporating synchromesh on all gears from '38 on), hydraulic brakes, and one shot chassis lubrication system, all carried in a sturdy box section frame. Very much like 230s in appearance, but wings less heavily skirted.

Technical Specifications

2545cc (S4 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1936 to 1939  
Number produced: