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4-door 5-seater saloon/estate car.

Took over from W115-type 240D 3.0, a model never sold in UK. This model had unique five-cylinder diesel engine, effectively 240D plus one cylinder, having 80bhp at first, then 88bhp when engine reduced in size re-tuned for 1979, so top speed up to 90mph, but still no ball of fire. Nothing here for enthusiasts except build quality - it helped to have ear-plugs, especially for cold starts. Also sold with turbocharged (125bhp) engine in USA, but not in UK.

Technical Specifications

2998cc/3005cc diesel (S5 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1976 to 1984  
Number produced:
170,814 saloon/14,325 estate in 1970s