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Saloon, cabriolet A, cabriolet B, cabriolet C, open tourer, standard roadster, special roadster, streamlined saloon.

Engine is a development of the 380 unit, with pushrod operated overhead valves, and the chassis is similar in configuration, but at 1291/2ins wheelbase is 6ins longer. With 160bhp from the blown engine, performance was quite impressive with a maximum of 102mph, but the car always suffered from comparison with the earlier S class machines. Softer and less of a man's car, the 500K epitomized the way thirties sports cars were going. Very expensive when new, at £1890 for a drophead cabrio, they fetch megabucks today. Mind you, the 500K roadster is a simply gorgeous looking device, with long flowing wings as well as flashy outside exhaust headers. Streamlined saloon was also attractive and with the roadster must be the ultimate in film star motor cars.

Technical Specifications

5016cc (S8 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1934 to 1936  
Number produced:
354 approx