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MG 18/100 Six MK III Road Racing model

Open 4-seater.

The hairy one. Also known as the Tigress or the B-type, the 18/100 was the road racing derivative of the 18/80, using a tuned version of the ohc engine. A new camshaft, crank and pistons, cross-flow cylinder head with dual ignition and a dry sump were used, and chassis modifications included an additional pair of dampers at the rear, increased fuel tankage, modified braking system and flattened springs. At £895 it was extremely expensive (and heavy at 271/2cwt), but there was 110mph capability. Never fully developed by the works, as the M-type Midget showed greater handicap potential at the 1930 Double Twelve race.

Technical Specifications

2468cc (S6 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1930 to 1930  
Number produced: