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Saloon, open 2-seater, open 4-seater.

The Magnette series was  designed to confuse. There were two different length chassis, the K1 with a 108ins wheelbase, the K2 with a 94 3/16ins wheelbase. There were three different engines, the KA of 1087cc, the KB of 1087cc (which used twin carbs and mild timing), and the KD of 1271cc, which gave a healthy 48.5bhp at 5500rpm. The K1 was available as a saloon with the KA engine and a four-speed preselector. The K2 was always a two-seater, lovely looking, and came with the KB engine and four-speed crash 'box or with the KD engine and four-speed selector. So it is possible to identify which is which, by body, style, number of carbs and gearbox. Phew! Saloons came pilarless (and are no fun to renovate...) the new chassis had a 48ins track, there were 13ins brakes and there was a divided track rod to eliminate steering kick back and impart more feel. All would do 75mph, and none was particularly cheap, the saloon costing £445.

Technical Specifications

1087cc/1271cc (S6 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1932 to 1934  
Number produced:
372 all types