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2-seater sports, Sportsmans coupé.

The first of the immortal Midgets, this was the first sports car to come within reach of a mass market, and as such it was very successful. The engine was a jewel, from the Morris Minor via the Wolseley Ten, and it had a tiny overhead camshaft driven through bevel gears by a spindle which formed the armature of the vertically mounted dynamo; the crank was supported by two main bearings. The chassis was basically Minor, only alterations being to lower the suspension, rake the steering and change the layout of the controls. Two seat bodywork was originally fabric on a wood frame, though late M-types used metal paneled bodies. Good for 65mph, and it only cost £185. There was an optional four-speed 'box from 1930, the year that Abingdon marketed the 8-33 Double Twelve model, celebrating the model's success in that race. All cars delightful to drive, and the Sportsmans coupé can only be described as 'cute'. As Light Car and Cyclecar commented, 'cheap speed, indeed'.

Technical Specifications

847cc (S4 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1929 to 1932  
Number produced: