2-seater sports.

Another road racer, this was a very potent piece of machinery. George Harvey-Noble lapped the Outer Circuit at Brooklands in a single-seater Q-type at 122mph, and the standard car was capable of around 120mph - from 750cc! It used a K3 chassis (94 3/16ins wheelbase) with N-type axles, and heavily modified engine (based on the P-type) produced 113bhp at 7200rpm with the assistance of a Zoller supercharger giving 25-28psi boost. There was a 19 gallon fuel tank, hydraulic dampers at the rear, and the whole ensemble sold for £550 excluding wings and lights.

Technical Specifications
746cc (S4 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1934 to 1934
Number produced
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