Open 2-seater, open 4-seater.

By 1930, the Moggie standard model looked decidedly dated; after all, the 'styling' had been in existence before the Great War. Two speeder with choice of JAP vee-twins in air/water cooled forms, using tubular chassis, fabric cone  clutch, familiar sliding pillar type ifs and hand brake on rear wheel, available only as an option after 1932; Family De Luxe used new chassis with underslung rear suspension from '31 on, and all had new flush sided body with a different bonnet for that model year. Standard model cost £85 without side screens, electric starter and speedo. Family models always had dummy radiators.

Technical Specifications
980cc (V2 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1921 to 1934
Number produced
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