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NASH EIGHT (1930-33)

Town sedan, 2-door saloon, 7-seater saloon, limousine, drophead coupé, fixed-head coupé, Sportsman's coupé, Ambassador.

Bewildering array of middle class eights, all OHV engines having Nash's 'Twin Ignition' and the sidevalves with more usual single plugs per cylinder. Single Ignition cars had five cross-member double drop frames and single acting hydraulic dampers, larger bore engine standard for '33 model season. Twin Ignitions have six cross-member frames and double acting dampers. '32 sees synchro 'boxes, long bonnets, sloping 'screens and vee grilles, '33 worm final drives and cruciform braced frames. '32s are handsome cars.

Technical Specifications

3714cc/3981cc/4028cc/4232cc/4834cc/5261cc (S8 SV/OHV/SV/OHV/OHV/OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1930 to 1933  
Number produced: