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NASH EIGHT (1934-39)

Saloon, 6-seater cabriolet, business coupé, limousine, brougham.

Till '36, large engine was in Ambassador model, smaller (4468cc) version known as Advanced Eight. For '36 Advanced designation dropped, and all Ambassadors became 4260cc. '34s have quite horrid styling, termed 'Speedstream', with nasty speed lines on bonnet and wings and optional rear spats, while '35/'36 Aeroform fastback styling with aggressive grilles and spats is exceptionally unpleasing. '37s have simpler grilles and vee's screens, '38s have column shift option and 4ins longer bonnets, while '39s have headlights in front wings, three piece grille and a trunk back option. Nashes still came with beam front axles.

Technical Specifications

4260cc/4468cc/5210cc (S8 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1934 to 1939  
Number produced: