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2-door touring sedan, 4-door touring sedan, convertible coupé, club coupé.

Typically US yearly cosmetic change, and so little altered in '38 that Olds had to rely on promoting car's safety aspects. Wide grille bars new for '38, as was optional 'Automatic Safety Transmission', which only needed a lever moving to change gear. '39 saw model redesignation, the 60 using the smaller engine, a shorter 114ins frame and Chevrolet/Pontiac Quality Six bodies with no running boards, while the 70 had larger engine, Pontiac De Luxe/Buick Special bodies, column change, larger 1201/4ins frame and three piece mesh grille.

Technical Specifications

3530cc/3764cc (S6 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1938 to 1939  
Number produced: