Saloon, tourer, sportsman's coupé.

OM car production ceased in Italy in '31, yet the English importers were still listing them as late as '38! Saloons on a 122ins wheelbase frame fairly mundane looking, but sports models on 110ins wheelbase very attractive with their lowered and raked radiators, sloped to give space for a supercharger in front of the crankcase. Some pretty bodywork from Italian stylists, including Zagato. In blown form, good for 100mph, pretty useful for a sidevalve engine designed by Barratouché in 1921. Low chassis model called the Mille Miglia, capitalising on the 1-2-3 success in the 1927 event.

Technical Specifications
2200cc (S6 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1930 to 1938
Number produced
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