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2-door touring saloon, 4-door touring saloon, 4-door de luxe saloon, foursome drophead coupé, convertible saloon, convertible coupé, sports coupé.

Now with enlarged engine, extended wheelbase (this time to 122ins) and the revised grilles were as for the Six. For '38 the Eight had its parking lamps placed on top of the headlights, the Silver Streak appearance was kept up by the use of chrome strips on the bonnet and boot, and the convertible saloons and foursome drophead coupé were '38 additions to the range. 'Woodie' estate model never listed, unfortunately, and coupé came with  a curious sideways-on rear seat.

Technical Specifications

4112cc (S8 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1937 to 1938  
Number produced: