Saloon, open 4-seater tourer.

The origin of the 13-amp plug on wheels, the Raleigh Safety 7 was unusual for a thirties three-wheeler in that the single wheel was at the front, with two at the rear, thus giving more passenger space than the Morgan. The air cooled vee-twin engine drove through a three-speed and reverse 'box via shaft drive to the rear wheels, and these features, along with the interconnected brakes, underslung frame and single plate dry clutch, had nothing to do with a two-wheeler. It handled surprisingly well, 55mph was possible and motorcyclists were specifically warned not to be alarmed by the ticking of the electrical fuel pump. Genesis of the Reliant three wheeler.

Technical Specifications
742cc (V2 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1933 to 1936
Number produced
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