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4-light saloon, drophead coupé, sports tourer, various specials.

Lagonda found their small car an unprofitable proposition, so the manufacturing rights were sold to the Rapier Company, based in Hammersmith - it was catalogued until 1938, but remained in sporadic production until 1940. Engine a real jewel, with twin chain driven overhead cams, hemispherical combustion chambers, twin SUs, magneto ignition, and a bottom end capable of 6000rpm in safety. This was mated to a four speed ENV preselector 'box in a hefty frame on a 100ins wheelbase, with Girling brakes fitted. Some cars sold in blown form from '37 on, but sales never spectacular at £415 for a saloon.

Technical Specifications

1104cc (S4 DOC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1936 to 1938  
Number produced: