Saloon, saloon de luxe, drophead coupé.

'35 cars aren't actually  the US model Flying Clouds, but the S7 model with larger 268cu in engine and slightly modified '34 styling on a 118ins wheelbase frame. As with the previous year's cars, there was the option of the Reo auto 'box or the three speed synchro unit, and it used the same body dies as the '34 range - only real changes were different hood shutters, and a bizarre, deeply vee'd bumper - and this season saw the last Reo convertibles. '36 models are entirely different, with more up-to-date styling on a 115ins wheelbase chassis, and with the smaller engine fitted with an aluminium head and raised cr.

Technical Specifications
3734cc/4440cc (S6 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1935 to 1936
Number produced
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