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Saloon, close coupled saloon, touring saloon, enclosed limousine, enclosed landaulette, various specials.

As the decade grew older, the 20/25 suffered the same fate as so many other cars - it got heavier and heavier, and thus slower and slower. Larger 3.7-litre engine changed Twenty into 20/25 in '30, and main changes through mode's run were longer 132ins wheelbase from late '30, synchro from '32 and a hypoid rear axle from '36 on. 75mph possible, and the firm still believed the correct place for the gear lever was on the right hand side. 20/25s aren't scintillating cars, but they provide quality motoring at sane prices today. Some bodies, such as the Barker and Gurney Nutting Coupés de Ville, are lovely.

Technical Specifications

3669cc (S6 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1930 to 1937  
Number produced: