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ROVER 10/25 (1931-33)

Weymann saloon, saloon, sportsman's coupé, coachbuilt saloon, various specials.

From '32 there was a four speed 'box available and this version of the 10/25 had a wider and lower frame complete with cheap all steel body from Pressed Steel - you could pick one up for £189, to be reduced by a tenner for the '32 season. '33 models available as the 'Ten Special' (same as before only with wire wheels and Autovac) and the 'Family Ten' (now with semi-elliptics at the rear, freewheel, rubber engine mounting and spiral bevel final drive). All body types could be had in Regal form, complete with sliding roof, front and rear bumpers and direction indicators.

Technical Specifications

1185cc (S4 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1931 to 1933  
Number produced:
see 10/25 (1929-30)