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Coachbuilt saloon, Weymann saloon, sportsman's coupé.

Refined gutlessness on a 5.44 rear axle, or how to squeeze a pint pot into a half. The new 'six' was mounted in a scarcely altered Ten chassis for '32, when you could only get a 12hp (1410cc) version. Four bearing engine was pleasant but gutless, there was a four speed 'box and hydraulic brakes, and the model was distinguished that year by a Y motif on the stoneguard. '33s have a new frame, bigger engine, constant mesh 'box, free wheels, new rad shells, flexible engine mountings and Lucas Startix system - stall the engine and the starter automatically engaged.

Technical Specifications

1410cc/1577cc (S6 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1932 to 1933  
Number produced: