2-seater/3-seater coupè.

In its original form a pillarbox-on-wheels trike only 7ft 3in long and 4ft 4in wide, powered by a 197cc Villiers 'single'. Sliding-pillar coil ifs, four-speed positive-stop gearchange, chain drive, effective hydraulic front brakes T-bar steering; body is glass-fibre. Roomier and restyled three-seater De Luxe ('Mk II') introduced 1960. Later De Luxe Twin ('Mk III') with 324cc Villiers engine is good for 68mph (!) - but very few built.

Technical Specifications
197cc/324cc (S1/S2 TS)
Rear engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1957 to 1965
Number produced
est 1000 all types
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