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Saloon, super saloon, drophead coupé.

The ohc engine had three main bearings. X-braced frame had semi-elliptics and beam axles all round, and nondescript looks were rounded off by pressed steel wheels. '38 range included the Super 12, still with synchro four-speed 'box and hydraulic brakes, but with one of the world's ugliest grilles. For your money (£279 for a dhc), hide upholstery, Bluemel telescopic steering column and windtone horns were standard, and the model was now top of the range. Unusual features were the transverse exhaust expansion box at the rear of the frame and the horns mounted on the wings below the headlights.

Technical Specifications

1525cc (S4 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1937 to 1939  
Number produced: