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Saloon, special saloon, Freeflow saloon, coupé, tourer, Vitesse saloon, Vitesse coupé, Vitesse tourer, Monte Carlo tourer.

Basically the same mixture as for the Four, only the wheelbase was lengthened to 116ins, and there was a longer bonnet to house the four-bearing Coventry-Climax 'six', '35s had simpler radiators, larger engines, counterbalanced crankshafts, and refinements included an adjustable battery master switch and metallic finish. Well built cars, very elegant and with a good turn of speed - Vitesses were twin carb cars, and fastback Freeflow body was another good looker, but didn't sell.

Technical Specifications

1476cc/1991cc (S6 IO) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1934 to 1937  
Number produced:
2000 approx