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2-door 4-seater coupé/2-door/4-door 4-seater saloon/estate car.

More very obvious product planning from Luton, to distance the large-engined Viva (for this is what the Magnum was) from the more mundane variety. For four years, Magnums in threre different styles (the coupés being up-dated Firenzas) had the slant-four overhead-cam Victor engines and transmissions in Viva HC sheet metal, but with up-market trim, fatter tyres et al. Seven-dial instrument panel with 2.3-litre engines All with four-headlamp poses, some with optional automatic transmission. 2.3-litre gave 110bhp and 103mph top speed.

Technical Specifications

1759cc/2279cc (S4 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1973 to 1977  
Number produced:
14,931 saloons, 1692 coupés, 3687 estates