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2-door saloon, 4-door saloon, estate car.

Final extension of the Beetle theme with 98 1/2ins wheelbase, and room for four doors. Brakes are stock '68 Volkswagen, with servos on some late cars. All have 12-volt electrics, four-speed manual or three-speed stick automatic. MacPherson front suspension with coils and trailing arms at the back. Fuel-injection engine (80bhp as against 68bhp with twin Solexes) from '69, when Variant estate car added to range. Replacement 412E made 1972-74.

Technical Specifications

1679cc (HO4 OHV) 
Rear engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1968 to 1972  
Number produced:
266-521 incl 1972 412 models