Aston DB6 sells for nearly £250,000

| 22 Feb 2012

Is a frankly astonishing £242,000 a world record for an Aston Martin DB6? We're not absolutely sure – and neither can auction house H&H be positive – but it is surely the most paid publicly for an example that hasn't had its value distorted by celebrity ownership.

What makes the price all the more daunting is the fact that this 1969 Mk2 was hardly original, having been upgraded with a  4.2-litre engine and a four-speed auto 'box. Even so, on 16 February it more than doubled its pre-sale estimate at Buxton, a venue that is becoming synonymous with huge prices for the model.

While most other lots paled beside the price achieved for the Aston, there were some other good results.

A silver 'Pagoda' Mercedes-Benz 250SL achieved £37,400 while the 1947 Lagonda Prototype LBS EX1 fetched £34,100 after appearing at H&H for the second time in as many years.

A Porsche 930 made £31,080, while a 1954 R-Type Bentley (£24,200) and its younger sibling a 1965 S3 (£20,900) also fared well.

The auction’s 1937 4.25-litre Vanden Plas-style Tourer, which carried an estimate of £80-100,000, didn't sell on the day, but is currently under post-sale negotiation to try and agree a price.