Aston steals Harrogate headlines but other projects get snapped up cheap

| 15 Nov 2013

An Aston Martin DB6 Vantage that had languished in a Scottish garage since the 1990s was the fly-away top-seller at Bonhams' Harrogate auction when it made £131,420.

The 1967 car is in need of total restoration, but does show fewer than 90,000 miles and comes with decent history.

The other lot which made pre-sale headlines – the ex-Bergerac 1949 Triumph Roadster – was sold for £23,000, under low estimate and slipping a long way back from the £37,000 it made when previously auctioned for Children in Need. 

In a sale packed with interesting automobilia, 'bikes and accessible cars, there were plenty of lots at more affordable prices and loads of interesting projects.

Among them was a left-hand-drive 1969 Jaguar E-type S2 that made a fraction over £8000. Despite being a gearbox-less non-runner, the US import could be the best and cheapest way into an E-type in the current climate.

Although £85,500 might seem a lot to pay for a replica Frazer Nash, we think that the Beckhouse Engineering-built '1938' TT was great value. Not only will it be huge fun, but because it satisfies the crucial 'three out of five' originality criteria, it should be VSCC eligible.

Big cars enjoyed mixed fortunes. A fully restored, rare right-hand-drive 1953 Mercedes-Benz Adenauer 300 that was sold originally to Australia was bought for £42,500.

But the easy winner in the 'car for money' stakes was a 1986 Bentley Turbo R that proved its credentials by being driven to the sale and then was snapped up for a lowly £4600 including premium.

To put that in perspective, the same amount would have bought you only three small Bugatti oilcans (£1373) or sterling silver Spirit of Ecstasy mascots (£1500).

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