Barons to sell rare Hooper Continental

| 1 Sep 2011

There's a fascinating and extremely rare Bentley coming up for sale at Barons' British Heritage sale on 20 September.

The 1959 Bentley Continental is only one of six wearing the distinctive Hooper body, said to be the final design by the famed coachbuilder.

The Bentley's first owner was department store tycoon Hugh Fraser who took delivery of the Bentley the same month his House of Fraser chain acquired Harrods.

The second owner was Gordon Richdale, a famous mining millionaire and the car was registered to his UK residence... the Grosvenor Park Hotel.

The most recent owner has had the Bentley since 1997 and the car was laid up in 2008, but is said to still run and drive and is due to be put in for an MOT before the sale.

Cosmetically, it is said to be tidy and usable, while the engine is the original unit and is said to run beautifully.

Coming with a guide price of £35-45,000, we reckon you can't go wrong: either you get a good investment or a near-unique Bentley to smoke around in at not much more than standard saloon money.

It also looks a potentially cheap buy when you note that marque gurus Frank Dale & Stepsons have a fully restored Continental S2 Hooper (that one is genuinely unique, however, which will certainly boost its value) which would be several times the price.