Fancy this for the pre-'66 Revival car park?

| 5 Jul 2011

Yes we know it doesn't have four wheels…and that it needs a tad more than a DVLA driving licence to enjoy it...but this Hawker Demon fighter does have Goodwood history - plus it's just too cool for us not to mention it!The 1930 fighter plane scooped the The Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Trophy at last year's Revival and was the star attraction among the 25 vintage and classic aircraft Lord March laid on in honour of Goodwood's aviation origins.It's now for sale by private treaty through classic car auction house H&H.

The sale house won't say what its looking for (the seller is evidently mega discreet) but, given its rarity (only airworthy example), and the bills on file for its 30,000-hour restoration (yes, you read that corretly), we dare say you need pockets deep enough to afford  pukka racing fare from the same period (ie: Bugatti Type 35B….preferably with Dreyfus or Varzi's name on the V5 ).But anyone who can stretch to it will no doubt be rewarded with it's Type 35B-like performance once its wheels leave terra firma: the Hawker's 600bhp supercharged Rolls-Royce will get you to 10,000ft in just under seven and a half minutes and will hit 182mph (at 16,000ft). Now its hard to translate all that into a 0 - 60mph benchmark but those metrics sound like the Hawker will comfortably outrun most pre-war aeroplanes.Of course if it doesn't, the Demon has a couple of forward firing 7.7mm Vickers machine guns and a 'dorsal ring-mounted' Lewis gun to show them who's boss…Get in touch with H&H ( for more.