Psychedelic Morgan to sell at Goodwood

| 27 May 2011

Bonhams has consigned a psychedelic-finished Morgan to its annual Goodwood Festival of Speed sale on 1 July.

The rather garish, hand-painted Morgan 4/4 is the work of controversial Danish artist, Kristian von Hornsleth and is intended to challenge people’s opinions of the classic car. Launched on the Lord Mayor’s Parade last year, it is the first in a series of only ten cars that the artist has painted. The Morgan, which has a paint job to rival the famous psychedelic Beatles pop start John Lennon gave his 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, is expected to sell for around £40 – 60,000.Hornsleth sees his work as breaking the mould: “Why do cars have to be black in Kensington? They can be colourful in new ways to suit the new generation of drivers. In the Morgan/Hornsleth car you take off into the big noise of life and the beautiful chaos of opportunity.”The work was endorsed by the Malvern-based carmaker: “The Hornsleth Morgan car project challenges people’s opinions of this classic car. Morgan cars, while maintaining their vintage feel are continuously at the forefront of modern cultural style and design."See: for more details on the sale.