Rain Man Buick doubles expectations in the US

| 17 Dec 2012

One of two 1949 Buick Roadmasters that served as Tom Cruise's wheels in the blockbuster movie Rain Man has made $170,500 at Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

The car, which went to an anonymous collector on 14 December, had been estimated to make $80k. It starred throughout the film as selfish yuppie Cruise and his autistic brother Dustin Hoffman embarked on a trip to Los Angeles that became a voyage of personal discovery.

The movie netted its makers four Oscars and numerous other accolades as well as reinforcing the status of two of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Margaret Barrett from Heritage said: "This is a plum prize for the buyer. It's one of the great screen-featured automobiles from the '80s, from one of the best films of the decade, besides being a prime example of one of America's greatest classic cars."

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